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Adhunik SongsBengali Adhunik songs got evolved in the early 20th century where it was inspired from the stylish theater songs, devotional songs, tappa and other sources. It was based on the various topics ranging from social issues to love stories. Adhunik Bengali songs are more varied in their form as compared to the songs of Bengali film industry.

Bengali Adhunik song basically refers to the commercial popular music form that differs from folk or classical music. These songs have a massive appeal among the Bengali music lovers and various talented music artists have enriched it by their contributions including Hemant Kumar, Sandhya Mukherji, Salil Chudhary, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Atul prasad, etc. The compositions of Rabindranath Tagore form a distinct category of Bengali Adhunik songs.

Top songs of Bengali Adhunik songs are as follows:

(1)  Song : Koyeliya Jane Se

Album : Best of Akhil Bandhu Ghosh

Description : This song was sung with great enthusiasm by Akhil and its energy is contagious. This song had established the credibility of Akhil as a legendary singer.

(2)  Song : Chandete JoshnaBappi Da Hits

Album : Bappi Da Hits

Description : This song is definitely among the all time greatest hits of Bappi Da. It reflects the vibrant and bright appeal. Even today this song mesmerizes every listener and lifts the spirits truly high.

(3)  Song : Koto Kotha Lekha Holo

Album : Best Of Babul Supriyo

Description : This song captures the mindset of the audience and makes them listen to it with enrapt attention. It is a class act of playback singing by Babul and truly remarkable in its appeal.

(4)  Song : Jhanak Jhanak Nupur

Album : Best Of Geeta Dutta

Description :This song was a super hit and rocked the music ratings charts for many weeks. What a fantastic composition. Truly marvelous and entertaining stuff.  It will remain as one of the all time greatest songs of Geeta Dutta.

(5)  Song : Prithibir Pore Oi Nilakash

Album : Forever Collection Hemanta

Description :This song was sung with lots of heart and emotions. Lyrics match with the tempo of the song and create the somber mood. Hemanta melodious touch made the song extraordinary and lively in its spirit.

Indranil Hits(6)  Song : Keno Tumi Bodle Jechho

Album : Indranil Hits

Description : This song of Indranil is the hallmark of his/her greatness as a playback singer. It is a heart favorite of the millions of Bengali music lover across the country. Indranil leaves the audience spellbound every time they tune to this song.

(7)  Song :  Bansuri Ki Bajibe Na

Album : Best Of Jaganmoy Mitro

Description : This song is one of the Jaganmoy's classics and highlights the theme track as it contains the essence of movie. Lyrics of the song are very rich in its language and expression. Amazing song that proves to be very refreshing.

(8)  Song : Amar Moner Moyur Mohole

Album : Kishor - The Golden Years

Description : This song is truly heartwarming and sets the tempo of the scene in the movie. Kishor's singing has taken the song to an entirely new level and that speaks volumes of the legendary singer. It is one of the classics from Kishor which should make its room in every music lover's collection.

(9)  Song : Aaj Mon CheyechheChhyachhobir Gaan

Album : Chhyachhobir Gaan

Description : This song instantly connects with the audience and upbeats the mood and provides relaxation. It was the instant chartbuster which made the people swoon to its tunes. Truly melodious at its core, this song scaled up the career of artist to great heights.

(10) Song : Bolo Ki Achhe Go

Album : Shreya Ghosal

Description : This Song was shot and composed very innovatively and even today it is regarded as the greatest composition in terms of creative brilliance. Artist's charismatic voice created the magical influence over millions of listeners.

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