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Latest SongsBengali's latest songs represent the fusion of diverse cultures and musical traditions. One can observe both the western as well as Indian musical influence in modern songs. Some of the songs are very trendy and others are completely classical. Its like taking the best of both the worlds, create new forms of music and experiment with various other forms.

Latest Songs exhibit the wide variety of taste and flavor. The entire album was designed keeping in mind the interests of wide section of audience. They are more focused on the theme of the music. Creativity is encouraged and healthy competition with emergence of new talents from small towns has resulted in very professional and competitive musical industry.

Top Bengali Latest Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Chirodini Tumi Je AmarChirodini Tumi Je Amar

Album : Various Artist

Description : This song of singer is the hallmark of his greatness as a playback singer. It is a heart favorite of the millions of Bengali music lover across the country. Artist leaves the audience spellbound every time they tune to this song.

Ekanto Apon(2) Song : Ekanto Apon

Album : Various Artist

Description : This song is one of the Artist's classics and highlights the theme track as it contains the essence of movie. Lyrics of the song are very rich in its language and expression.  It is an amazing song that proves to be very refreshing.

(3) Song : AmanushAmanush

Album : Various Artist

Description : This song is truly heartwarming and sets the tempo of the scene in the movie. Artist's singing has taken the song to an entirely new level and that speaks volumes of the legendary singer. It is one of the classics from singer which should make its room in every music lover's collection.

bhalobasa bengali movie song(4) Song : Bhalobasa Bhalobasa

Album :  Various Artist

Description : This song instantly connects with the audience and upbeats the mood and provides relaxation. It was the instant chartbuster which made the people swoon to its tunes. Truly melodious at its core, this song scaled up the career of Artist to great heights.

(5) Song : Ogo Badhu SundariOgo Badhu Sundari

Album :  Various Artist

Description : This Song was shot and composed very innovatively and even today it is regarded as the greatest composition in terms of creative brilliance. Artist's charismatic voice created the magical influence over millions of listeners.

Ekla Chalo re(6) Song :  Ekla Chalo re

Album : Calcutta Blues

Description : This masterpiece song reflects the flawless performance of singer. Even today it has the charm to enthrall the audience and proves a real stress buster. It rocked the music rating charts for many weeks.

(7) Song : Ami Tomaderi LokAmi Tomaderi Lok

Album : James

Description : This song of singer is the hallmark of his greatness as a playback singer. It reflects that genius of Artist has been fully realized. This amazing composition is truly enthralling and impressive.

Bachbo Na(8) Song : Bachbo Na

Album : Asif

Description : This song witnessed the massive sell out of its album. It was a smash hit and proved to be soul stirring in its effect. Music is at par excellence and grows on people with each listening.

(9) Song : Habib eXclusiveHabib eXclusive

Album : Habib

Description : This song possesses stunning beats and casts a magical spell on the first time listeners who immediately turn into big time fans. After every listening, people feel that it ends too early and it leaves them wanting for more.

LRB - Ayub Bachhu
(10) Song :  Ayub Bachhu

Album : LRB

Description : This song is truly sensational and leaves the audience with the experience of the life time. It was brilliantly composed and awesome lyrics add up to the beauty of the overall singing.

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