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Bengali Patriotic Songs

Patriotic songs depict the feelings of devotion and sacrifice for one's nation. They instill the sense of nationalism among the listeners and charged them to stand up to serve the cause of the nation. Lyrics of the song are very inspiring and motivate one to fulfill the responsibilities of a citizen diligently.

Patriotic songs are unites the people of the nation for a common cause. They spread the message of peace and harmony among the citizens of the country. They pump up the adrenalin rush within the body and music gives the strength to overcome any obstacle coming in way of nation's progress.

Top Bengali Patriotic songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Dhanna Dhanney Pushpe Bhora

Album : Swadeshi Yuger Gaan

Description : This is one of the best patriotic songs of all times. It rejuvenates the spirit of patriotism from within and prepares one to take all the obstacles for the cause of the nation. Great lyrics and awesome composition.

(2) Song : Otho Bharato Lakshmi

Album : Swadeshi Yuger Gaan

Description : This patriotic song charges up the listeners and gets them spirited to take all actions for the welfare of the country. It is a must in the collection of every citizen of the country who really cares for it.

(3) Song : Jodi Tor Dak Sune Keo Na Ase

Album : Amar Sonar Bangla

Description : It is a breathtaking song which was composed superbly. It intends to wake up the soul of the citizens and promotes the feeling of unity and harmony among them. Lovely lyrics and paced beats make the listeners listen to it with enrapt attention.

(4) Song : Amra Sabai Raja

Album : Amar Sonar Bangla

Description : Listening to this song makes every citizen feel proud of one's nation. It elaborates the rich cultural and traditional values of nation and sacrifices of the leaders who had immensely contributed to build up the nation.

(5) Song : Banglar Mati Banglar Jal

Album : Amar Sonar Bangla

Description : This song arouses the sense of responsibilities among the citizens to take care of their nation. Patriotic theme embraces the song from beginning to end. It leaves the listeners contemplating the actions they should take to fulfill their duties toward their nation.

(6) Song : Oi Ujjala Din

Album :  Bharat Borso Surjer Ek Naam

Description : This song nurtures the patriotic feeling among the citizens. It motivates them to take charge in order to preserve the great values of the country and feel happy about its achievements. It was a huge hit and served to spread the feeling of national integrity among the masses.

(7) Song : Bharat Borso Surjer Ek Naam

Album : Bharat Borso Surjer Ek Naam

Description : This song has a high voltage energy that is electrifying in its effect. Artist had received appreciation from every corner for his power packed performance in the song. The feeling of nationalism swayed away the audience as they listen to this track.

(8) Song : Bolo Bolo Bolo Sobe

Album : Amar Janmo Bhumi

Description : It is a classic Patriotic song that generates the nationalistic feeling among the audience almost effortlessly. It easily gets on one's mind and heart. Lyrics are creative and exert great effect to its cause.

(9) Song : Durgam Giri Kantor Moru

Album : Amar Janmo Bhumi

Description : This patriotic song has the potential to rock the soul and heart of its citizens. Artist had sung it passionately and it is clearly reflected from his/her voice. This masterpiece song is very magical in its influence.

(10)Song : Hum Dehli Dehli Jayenge

Album : Chirokaler Netaji

Description : What a Outstanding composition. It had created a niche of its own among the greatest songs of all time. This patriotic song represents the larger than life aura of the nationalism. It inspires the people of nation like nothing else.

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