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Bengali Romantic Songs

Romantic songs beautifully describe all the wonderful feelings that one experiences after falling in love. These songs make one feel great and alive. When people are in love they feel everything around them is new and fresh.  These songs are simple and yet richer than any other songs. It is being said that one has to be really lucky to be able to find true love on one’s life.

Romantic songs exhibit love, caring and intimacy in a relationship. Sometimes these songs are very emotional and touchy. They leave lasting impression on the listeners. They form a special component of any storytelling in movies. Romantic songs get everyone addicted to them and in particularly the couples as they feel them intensely.

Top Bengali Romantic songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Keno Sarbanasher Nesha

Album : Picnic (bng)

Description : This song is a great help to those who struggle to find the perfect thing to say in love. It is sung very beautifully and truly uplifts the romantic spirit in listeners. It is heartwarming composition which causes emotions to flow from the bottom of the heart.

(2) Song : Emon Madhur Sandhyay

Album :  Ekanta Apan

Description : This song depicts the intimate way of expressing the essence of one's soul. It touches the heart and soul of person very softly and tenderly. It was sung very passionately by Singer.

(3) Song : Sandhya Belay Tumi Ami

Album : Picnic (bng)

Description : This song got a very romantic appeal and one feels like the caressing wind whispering its secrets softly to the lovers. One gets easily lost in its melody and swayed by the strong waves of emotions.

(4) Song : Ei Raate Ektukahni Kachhe

Album : Mohonar Dike

Description : This song highlights the wonderful feelings of love and affection between the lovers. Artist had sung it from the deep core of his/her soul which takes the listeners down the memory lanes to experience the magical moments of their life and rejuvenate them.

(5) Song : Pora Banshi Shunle E Mon

Album : Various

Description : This romantic song arouses the soft tender feeling of love in the audience. It expresses the unconditional and everlasting love between soul mates. It is easily one of the greatest love songs of all time.

(6) Song : Ei Raat Tomar Amar

Album : Various

Description : One can easily fall in love after listening to this romantic composition. It expresses the beauty of expressing the hidden emotions of love in a very candid manner.  Lyrics and composition are truly ecstatic and fills one heart with joyous rhythm.

(7) Song : Ki Misti Dekho

Album : Various

Description : Listening to this romantic song brings to the surface, the deep hidden feelings of love and romance. It’s very touchy and feels like heart and soul is filled with heavenly roses that decorate the inner garden.

(8) Song : Nijhum Sondhay

Album : Various

Description : It is an amazing composition that talks about the love being the essence of life. This melodious song generates the feelings of pure and real love that melts the heart of the audience.

(9) Song : Mon Metechhe

Album : Various

Description : It is a world class romantic song that is really awesome by any standards. Listening to this song feels like as if you are witnessing a rising sun, experiencing the rainbow after rainfall, walking in the moonlight, etc.

(10) Song : E Sudhu Ganer Din

Album : Various

Description : It was sung with great vigor and enthusiasm by Artist. What a class performance. It portrays the tale of compassion, desire, love and harmony. One cannot prevent oneself falling in love with this beautiful romantic melody.

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