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Bengali Sad Songs

Bengali Sad songs are very emotional and deeply sentimental in nature. They create a deep influence on human heart and make the person cry however nothing can beat these songs in terms of their melody and soulful appeal. Sad songs exhibit array of emotions including departure of loved ones, break up of close relationships, loss of fortune, etc. These songs swayed the audience in their flow.

Sad songs capture the human heart instantly and relates to a person bad experiences. It arouses sympathy for the people who are struggling to achieve their goals in life and nurtures the feeling of compassion. In a way these songs assist the person in expressing one’s pain and sorrow and lighten one's heart.

Top Bengali Sad Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Kotho Shopno

Album : Various

Description : This song truly makes a person cry. It was sung with great intensity and creates an emotional hangover. Lyrics are very touchy and rich in its content. Singer did the complete justice to the theme of the song.

(2) Song : Keumon Kore chareya Gela

Album : Various

Description : It is being said that music expresses those feelings which cannot be spoken and this song reflects those serious deeply rooted feelings. It is a sensitive song which leaves the audience with moist eyes.

(3) Song : Chittey lekese bow amar

Album : Various

Description : This song expresses the pain and agony at its best. It is a remarkable composition which stirs the heart and soul of the audience alike. Audience is left with heavy heart after this thought provoking emotional experience.

(4) Song : Shua chan pakhi

Album : Various

Description : This song instantly connects with the audience because of its soulful nature and timeless appeal. Lyrics of the song are meaningful and deeply rooted in sadness. One gets very sympathetic and Singer did a splendid job in this composition.

(5) Song : Jani ekdin ami chole jabo

Album : Various

Description : This song is easily the one of the most tragic song ever written. It was sung extraordinarily well by Singer and is readily included in greatest songs of him/her. This song had moved the audience like nothing before and left a deep impression on their heart, mind and soul.

(6) Song : Premer Somadi Benge Moner

Album : Various

Description : This is a heart wrenching song and very emotional in its essence and spirit. It was sung from the bottom of the heart by Artist. One can feel the pain in the voice very clearly.

(7) Song : Mithy Khuner Daye holam

Album : Various

Description : This song displays the complexity of human relations and utter helplessness of people at times. It was sung brilliantly by Singer and one is completely lost in the song once it started playing.

(8) Song : tumio Doshi Hole Amakeo

Album : Various

Description : Heart goes heavy and body goes numb when one listens to this composition that depicts pain and sadness. Truly a masterpiece work of singer and the way he immersed himself completely while singing this song, is simply outstanding.

(9) Song : Moner Dukho koibo Ar Kare Bangla

Album : Various

Description : This song depicts the sufferings in such a way that one is left dumbstruck and speechless after experiencing this sensitive and creative composition. Emotions flow like incessant river and tears rolled down one's eyes every time one listens to this song.

(10) Song : Shanto Tui Bena Roshi Shari

Album : Various

Description : This song clearly depicts the ease with which the singer takes over the control over audience heart through its soulful and melodious voice. Awesome performance by Singer ensured that song complemented the entire storyline of the movie perfectly.

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