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Srikanto Acharya

Srikanto AcharyaShrikanta Acharya is a highly acclaimed and talented Bengali singer whose albums are very successful in Bengali Music Industry. He has command over wide range of Bengali music like Nazrulgeeti, Rabindra Sangeet, Film Based Songs, Bangla Adhunik, Remix, Shyama Sangeet, etc. There are many sites which provide rich collection of Srikanta's Songs MP3, videos and songs that can be easily downloaded.

Shrikanta is formaly trained in Ranindrasangeet. He has won numerous awards including Best Puja Album award, parle anandbazaar award, anadlok best male vocal award, Best Rabindrasangeet alpha music award, etc. Lots of MP3, songs and videos are available on the internet nowadays which has resulted in the access to Shrikanta songs all over the world.

Top songs of Srikanta Acharja are as follows:

(1) Song : Keno Dure Thako

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : This song is truly sensational and leaves the audience with the experience of the life time. It was brilliantly composed and awesome lyrics add up to the beauty of the overall singing.

(2) Song : Ektuku Choya Lage

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : What a song!!!! Simply superb. Audience keeps gasping for air to feel that larger than life composition. Srikanta had delivered the performance of the life time in this song. Music will reverberates in one's mind long after the song is over.

(3) Song : Rooper Oi Pradweed Jele

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : This song was sung exceptionally well by the Srikanta and proved to be real feast not only for the ears but also for the soul. It takes oneself to another world full of peace and serenity.

Srikanto Acharya(4) Song : Bristi Tomake Dilam

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : One needs to listen to this song to realize what a good music can do to oneself. Absolutely wonderful and extraordinary singing creates lasting impression on the audience. Great piece of music.

(5) Song : Eto Sur Aar Eto Gaan

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : By listening to this song one can relives the most incredible moments of one's life. It makes the audience intensely happy by drowning them in the ocean of past lovable memories. Rejuvenating touch and a class act.

(6) Song : Ke Tumi Ke Tumi

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : This song is very entertaining and Srikanta sang it with his own unique touch and thus proving his versatility in playback singing. Lyrics are very catchy and compel one to recite the song.

(7) Song : Akash Pradeep

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : This song of Srikanta is very melodious and lyrics of the song are rich in its content. Srikanta's voice leaves its indelible impression in listener's mind.

Srikanto Acharya(8) Song : Tumi Sundar Jodi

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : This song is sung wonderfully by Srikanta. He adds his own unique style which makes the song charming and very pleasing to listen. One cannot afford to miss this song from one's collection of all time Srikanta's great hits.

(9) Song : Naam Harano

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : Srikanta sang this song spiritedly keeping in mind the theme of the movie. It had the massive appeal and was the instant chartbuster. Srikanta had put in lots of effort to ensure that song became world class composition.

(10) Song : Tumi Kon Kanoner Phool

Album : Srikanta Acharja

Description : Srikanta's melodious voice weaves its magic to make it really a outstanding song which retains its charm and proves to be timeless in its aura. One cannot afford to miss this song from one's collection of all time Srikanta's great hits.

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